Minecraft Bedrock for PS4 may be released before the New Year

In October, we wrote that there was information about registering Minecraft Bedrock on the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). The game was rated “10+”.

There was no information about the release dates of the game until recently, but now there is information that the game will be released on December 10. This can be judged by the game page on the BestBuy website (information was hidden after it was distributed on the Internet, but is still available in the web archive).

Let me remind you that this day the release of the new update of the game – Buzzy Bees (Buzzing Bees) will be released. And, apparently, this update will be available not only to Minecraft Java Edition players, but also on all platforms that support Minecraft (Bedrock). And Sony Playstation 4 joins this company.

Interestingly, for PS4 Minecraft mods will be released as a boxed version. On the Internet there were photos of the box with the game; those. the game has already been sent to retail chains.

If you look closely, on the back of the box you can see the year of publication – the 2019th, as well as logos: Mojang, Xbox Game Studios and Sony Interactive Entertainment.

But interestingly, on the front side of the box it is indicated that it includes 700 tokens. Obviously, we are talking about game currency, but there are no tokens in Minecraft Bedrock – they use minecoins. Perhaps these are the concessions that the game developers had to make, and the PS4 will have its own in-game currency.

Addition. Minecraft Bedrock for PS4 release notes officially confirmed.